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The Food Journal

I joined Jenny about five or six years ago. In ten months, I'd lost about 70 pounds. Thrilled with my new body, I promised myself that I wouldn't gain it back unti I decided to.
I haven't decided to gain it back yet!
I treat my weight loss as an ongoing condition that I have to take care of, like my mother's hypertention & my father's diabetes.
Mycondition is much more fun, because I can splurge whenever I like. In addition, keeping up with this condition has the potential of warding off the other two.

Two years ago, I was up ten pounds from my goal weight, so I returned my jenny account to active.
I really love Jenny. It's such a good fit for me. I even worked there for a while.

My consultations are on saturdays. This week, my goals are
1. 7 days of yoga(it's a short routine)
2. 7 days of 20 mn walks
3. Journal what I eat

It's been so long since I kept a food journal! I'm bewildered at myself, but proud that I'm keeping it up!

Oo... ya know what would motivate me? One of those weight-loss tickers. I must go find one.


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Nov. 29th, 2007 07:20 am (UTC)
Yay! Just nine pounds left! That's fantastic!
I would guess that your consultant would be happy to continue selling food as long as you're a member. Do you have a maintenance plan? You could make an order at your maintenance consultations.
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