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A good week.

Well, I must say I was pleasantly surprised this week. I only got in about 3 days of exercise (I normally do at least 5) and I just haven't felt much like eating (but I made myself as much as I could 'cause I know I need to) but I still lost just over 3 pounds, bringing me up to 32 pounds lost. Go me!

Sep. 2nd, 2007

Today was my week 9 weigh in and I lost 6.2 pounds. AAAAHHHH =]!!!!!
As excited as I am, I also have a question for you. I have lost a total of 14. 8 pounds so far. I can see a slight difference in my body, but when will it be REALLY noticable? Like to other people too? I started out at 170.4 pounds and am now at 155.8.

Weigh-in news/food update.

Hey guys!! I had my JC weigh-in today, and I was wrong before. I did not lose 2 pounds on vacation. I LOST 3!!!! Whooo!!! And....is the Thai lemongrass Chicken amazing or what?!? I had it tonight and ....I think I'm in love. 

Love you guys!!!


Hey guys!!

I am back home after my vaca- and I weighed myself the moment I arrived...i told ya'll i was afraid I'd gained...I actually LOST two pounds!? I'm so relieved! Thank you all for your words of comfort and support. I've only been in this community for a short while, but I feel like I've actually made friends! Not just "lj-buddies" but people I can probably count on in life if I need to as well! Thanks!!!

UGH! Vacation!!!!

I am having vacation eating problems. I feel like I've gained so much in the past week, because my family and friends have gone to restaurants. I have been VERY good (I think) with watching calories and portions, and I have avoided fried and fattening foods. But, I guess I feel that because I am not eating three Jenny Craig meals a day and having my snacks as I should, that I somehow failed. I am dreading my weigh-in on Wednesday. I am deathly afraid of gaining back even a pound of the 19 I have already lost. I DO feel, however, that if I have gained, it will come back off immediatley as I am going STRICT the moment I return to NYC tomorrow.I'm not giving up this fight, I will get right back on track...if I have gained at all. I ALWAYS imagibne I have and it turns out I haven't, so hopefully this will be one of those times. Buuuuuttt......I am pretty sure this time I have gained a little. Support? Thanks!


I recently moved my online journal over to LJ, and am glad I did, as I've found some great communities here. I like having one for support with my JC program.

I've been on since March, and as of today's weigh in, I've lost just over 29 pounds. It's been a slow loss, but at least it's coming off, and I'm bound and determined to stick with it this time. I still have quite a ways to go to meet my goal, but already people have noticed, and it's really motivating me to keep going.

So, hello to everyone here, and good luck and best wishes to all of you in your quest to a happier, healthier, skinnier, fitter you! :)


Does anyone else NOT LIKE the vitamin bars? I had the cookies and cream ones, to change it up for the week, and they are absolutely AWFUL! I will stick to taking pill vitamins!

Oops! I did it again.

I just cheated on my diet. We have catering in the office every Tuesday. Today was Chinese. I went to get some lettuce from the Chicken Salad, and I snuck 3 of the honey prawns.

I feel bad. But everything looked and smelled so good. I also had some of the veggies but I don't count that as cheating.

I was supposed to have my turkey burger for lunch today, I will be skipping that since I had the prawns - but still!!

Bad me.

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Intro - My Story

Hello fellow Craig-ers. My name is Tracie, and I am 23 years old. 

I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I've been what they call a "yo-yo dieter" for many years. Lose some, gain more back, lose a little, gain double. I come from an Irish-Italian family, so there was always potatoes, breads, pastas and chesses on every table at every meal, it was normal. It didnt seem unhealthy to us.  As a child people said it was "baby-fat" and that I would "grow into my figure". But, I only grew to be about 5'4 and the "baby fat" became "teenage fat". It didn't halp that the women in my family are large, and we all have thyroid problems. (My metabolic process is a lot slower than normal)  In high school, I had it pretty rough. I had friends, yes, but never "boyfriends", and there was the occasional "mean girl" who would try to rip me to pieces with words and insults. I was in the choir and the drama club and wrote for the school paper, and even became a yearbook editor. I thought that keeping so busy, and skipping some meals, would make the pounds melt away. It didn't. Skipping meals only made it worse. So, I went on Weight Watchers, and quit soon after because the meetings were so humilating! They called out my weight in front of so many people. And my "mentor" was just not supportive. She told me that someone my age should have been more responsible and that my weight was my fault. 
               I tried Atkins, but family meals and cafeteria food made it hard to maintain. I tried South Beach for a while, and it worked for a few months. but the moment I ate so much as a cracker the pounds poured BACK on.  In college, I majored in Musical Theater, and there I was faced with the reality that my career was being based soley on my looks. I did have a great time at school, and did very well in the program, and thankfully I AM A working actor, but I was not happy with myself or the roles I was getting (comical "big" girl, or the pudgy mean neighbor) I FINALLY, with the push of my mom, joined JC and I could not be happier. The food is YUMMY (unlike other diets) and I never feel hungry or unsatisfied. I have been on the program for 5 weeks and have already lost 15 pounds! I am so excited that my long-time goal might really be within reach! I am also very excited to find an LJ Comm that will lend more support and sharing. It's great to meet you all!
I looooooove Jenny Craig so much right now! :)!!!
This is seriously the first time I have ever lost weight in my life.